Hardly the Wine Connoisseur

I made myself extremely useful today – I assumed the role of auditor once more and not without a hint of nostalgia. 1 hour later and after a whole lot of bending and crouching exercises, I was still not ready to throw in the towel. OK maybe not so much auditor as a warehouse assistant. I had taken into my responsibility the wine inventories in Ron’s cellar.

First of all, it was freezing – and I had just washed my hair. And I had a makeshift table in the form of a wine carton. OK, maybe I shouldn’t complain, any Warehouse Assistant would have been glad for the air-conditioning. I knew so much about wines now from 1 old 2008 copy of local Flavours magazine (predominantly a food and recipe magazine) already (I can see Ron’s eyes rolling).

Anyway, I’m no wine buff, but I have come to enjoy sipping wine now and again, and its fast growing to be my favourite beverage after beer (beer makes you burp, rather unlady-likely). I’d like to picture myself as more delicate (I picture more eye rolling from Ron)…

An hour later, and furious “Saving” of my microsoft excel file (I was working without a power adapter, hanging on precariously to battery life), I’d completed my task with a satisfied sigh (which was silent – the groaning from my creaky knees and stiff back and neck was much louder). Yes, the ol’ manual excel method was the only way to go, I assumed. Ron was quick to come up with the idea of bar-coding everything (NOW he tells me)

Fine arrangement work, I must say....

Fine arrangement work, I must say....


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