Me new Boss

The weekend passed by with a flash – weekends are now desirable and worthy to be talked about because yours truly is back in the workforce, although earlier having the full time job of being a WOW gamer’s girlfriend and of course the all important presidential post of the WOW Gamer’s Girlfriend’s Club (WOGG Club).

So back to reality, it is, where last Thursday signaled the start of something fresh! As it is, always with every new work environment, except when you’re basically ‘sleeping with me’ boss‘. OK thats a different kettle of fish. Oh! Excuse me’ french. (You can tell this is going to be a very Freddy-Krugar cum Edwards-Scissorhands’s post, cant you? This is what happens when the writer gets brain freeze and suddenly, all thoughts get short-circuited and all of your pent up inspirations come out in a big blurt of nonsense)

So, while my weekday mind runs wild and rampant to compensate my particularly drab weekend in this post, I am now having the dreaded monday blues. Office is rather blue today without Me Boss being here to shout over speak on the phone literally all day, punctuated by short toilet breaks and occasional telecons. I mostly keep to myself (as far as possible over the space of our shared tabletop, that is), and sometimes wish I had some earplugs.

Me Boss doesnt do lunch or coffee breaks, and I’m mostly left to my own antics. This includes the 6pm Ramly Burger or hotdog I nip downstairs for. Me boss has his “Nescafe Original” ice coffee in a can each morning, which sustains him til dinner time. My tummy protests at the very though of it. So yes, lunch is never with Me Boss included.

Me Boss is usually a bag of grumps during the day, hardly looks at you or talks to you without his ‘thinking eyes’ on. A smile is rare from Me Boss during work hours, and sometimes when you ask him something, he doesnt reply. Finally, when you reach home, you notice that the Boss turns into your boyfriend again, and he’s back to Mr Cuddly Cute. So thats how you draw the line…..i had always wondered.

Anyway while I had a mini sabbitical from my postings, I noted that there were heaps of people clicking on my Labrador_Marley and Me post I’ve done previously. And I though to myself – why the sudden interest? Then I realised, that more and more people are googling “Labradors” that those were the keywords to my post following the movie. So by the time half the world watches the bawly-eyes movie “Marley and Me”, all the labrador retriever puppies in the world must be sold out with breeders laughing all the way to the bank. 6 months later, you might see stray labradors loitering the streets.


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