Who are we, what are we?

What is the meaning of life? Who am I? What defines you?

Sometimes on a emotional day, the emotional part of my mind will slip to these thoughts. Like a fwded email i received today – we TURN 30, PUSH 40. So I guess the TURN to 30 is indeed a milstone of sorts. The author of the email described the TURN from the 20’s to 30’s akin to Milk turning Sour!

So I look back at my fast disappearing 20’s. Am I proud of my achievements (however inconsequential)? Am I at par with what my peers from primary into secondary school in achievements? Or is there no comparable yardsticks of success or failure? Persona’s i guess differ from 1 individual from the next, and I assume, also, Perception.

For example – you have a Honda City or you have a super luxe BMW 6 Series. And both vehicles basically does the job in taking you from point A to B right? There are people I know who see it this way, and there are people I know who would sell and arm or leg (not literally) to have the 6 series. OK a bad example, but you get my point.

The Honda City person sees his success as having a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful children with fantastic academic grades and enough money saved for a rainy day, overseas education and yearly family travels. The man with the 6 series is unmarried and may not have as much saved for a rainy day, but his car gives him great satisfaction. The fact that he can afford one quite comfortably makes him feel he is successful in life.

These corny examples aside – what are we doing to mould and shape our lives? Are we doing what we want to before we reach 60 years of age? I think at 30, this is the real turning point. For a regular city gal with the regular demographics, I wonder if I have alot of achievements to show for 30, and yes I suspect the Biological clock strikes again.

Day in and day out – are we still on autopilot and or are we working well to reach our dreams? Sometimes by trying to do too many things – we end up accomplishing nothing particularly worth mentioning.


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