Night out

To make up for my less than stellar postings, I guess I will further pour salt to the wound by rambling abit more just cos I feel like it.

Pictures nil, but had a great time last night catching up with my ol’ mate Julius from Melbourne (now based in KK, Sabah) and his best mate Meng Kai (aka MK). We had dinner at Rakuzen Chulan Square accompanied by approximately 3 small  jugs of cold house sake. After which, we sauntered over to Starhill’s M Circle ( for drinks.

The ambience was plush and interesting – they had opted for a very old school old victorian look with velvet plush highback sofas and interestingly, each table had one huge cigar ashtrays. We flipped through the menu and Jules said “what else, in this kinda place, its Cocktails!”

I had a poor Mango Madness (mango + champagne) which was pretty weak, but with a price tag that can make someone literally go weak at the knees  at RM52. However, the Mai Tai was ginormous and priced at RM30+. My other new friend, MK ordered a Cosmopolitan, to which Jules and I snickered as he ordered it “Its  a Pussy Drink!”

Anyway, MK wasnt at all bothered by it, and Jules now removed a very girly looking Lycee brand eyedrops (in pink) to relieve his dry contact lenses. He shyly kept it away…but later proclaimed “Hey, they work! I now see everything in HD!”


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