Not a regular work week

I’m back from Manila for a one day work stint. Things hardly ever go as planned for me and here I am back one day early. 1 more work day and at the same time tomorrow night I would have taken off on my flight to Parie!

My other half is safely in a taxi as I type heading toward the hotel we’ve booked and I’m sure he’s marvelling at the Parisian sights already….

Plans plans and plans. I have just rang a french wedding coordinator (whom I blessedly found after some frantic searching and escalating levels of panic) (ooh! the swaku’s first conversation with a parisian lady) and I had secured a make up artist and hairstylist for our shoot. She was very nice and pleasant and spoke English very well, with a slight twang of the cutesy french slang in her speech.

I didnt manage to take any pics of Manila this trip, but actually Makati is quite nice and have proud, high, elevated highways and there are all sorts of designer labels (including Helmut Lang, Gwen Stefani’s LAMB and Giuseppi Zanotti, just to name a few) in their mainstream department store, Rustan in Makati.

We had dinner at a local joint called Barrios Fiesta and its small, cosy in a corner (dont know which address – I only noticed that it’s very close to what looked like the red light district). I think its called Makati Avenue, recommended by a fierce looking security guard near our hotel.

Anyway, the moment we sat down, a waiter gave us our menus, looking me squarely in the eye and started singing. i swear i heard him sing a line going like….”Your lips are tan-tal-ising” or something to that effect. I blushed and ducked behind a menu. Later, we found that all the waiters/tresses in the restaurant sang, and most took turns singing (mic-less) with the 2 man band (double bass + guitar and/or percussion). One of the waiters sang emotionally using a silver frying pan with a rounded, cylindrical holder which was hollow – as a mic, and tapped on tables for a musical effect (only at the right parts of a song, of course). He belted out the mandarin song “Siao Wei” – but which the lyrics all wrong, but was entertaining all the same. Mostly, we were clapping in supportive rhythm throughout dinner.

Ok, enuff wordiness for the night. Pics to be updated later. My yawns are making my eyes tear. Night night! (p/s I watched the movie Easy Virtue starring Jessica Biel, Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas on the plane and it was quite witty. Enuf to keep me from falling asleep. Fast forward bits were reduced to a bare minimum)


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