Shoot day – excellently CLOUDY

Did you note my sarcasm in the title above?

Shoot day dawned cloudy and such was the whole day til now – cloudy and not without a slight threat of rain every other hour. Our shoot day schedule has been creatively tossed about and now I’m on a shoot break. I had 2 hours for rest (really, we were waiting for the sun to show itself – hoping feverishly that Mr Sun will show itself toward evening time which is about 8pm here). After downing half a huge plate of spag bol and a hard crust bun (did I mention that the butter here is excellent – no matter where you go)

OK – update pictures to come later – its time for our so called evening shoot. I’ve got neck pains now because I can’t mess up my hair and make up! Oh the pains of being a woman!

BTW – its freakin FREEZING today. OF ALL DAYS!



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