Hi everyone – I am ABSOLUTELY elated! I will proceed to tell you why!

Finally a chance to sit down at the laptop and do some posting. This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5.30am. (Of course i had snoozed my alarm since 5am). I had to remake up (MYSELF!) and do my hair (MYSELF!) for our morning photo shoot. This time were were in the city and had marvellous shots at the Alexander III Bridge – gorgeous.

I have just been given a surprise by our Photographer (ZUNG from THEPhotoz). He gave me at least 15 sample postcard pictures of our pre-wedding shoot FROM this morning – and it really really made my heart melt (And my friends – especially Ridza, know what kind of high photography expectations I have) Zung HAS DONE AN EXCELLENT JOB and he comes so so so highly recommended. Thanks Zung, for the wonderful experience (although I was shivering from the cold in most pictures – Ron and I buzzed with warmth in the pics) and the excellent and beautiful photographs which will last us a lifetime and beyond.

Dress: Chilli Red, Shoes: Sparkling Galaxy, Sexiness Rating: Priceless.

Dress: Chilli Red, Shoes: Sparkling Galaxy, Sexiness Rating: Sizzlin`. At the Eiffel at dusk - the Magic Hour.


4 thoughts on “Bonjour!

  1. *Nells is speechless looking at the photo* Absolutely gorgeous and hot,hot,hot babe! way to go girlfriend!

  2. wahhhhhhh, Nell insisted i read the blog like right now!!

    Didnt know u went there to take wedding fotos. Ingat gi cuti2 Peranchis..

    Tengok gambar kaki and kain pun dah cantik, Im sure the full thing will be absolutely magnificent!!! Nanti kena tunjuk semua k!! PROMISE!!!

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