Whats worse than being back from holiday to Stinky Reality and being jet lagged? Being down with the FLU, thats what. Wait, this is a sensitive word right now…with the Influenza Type A H1N1 being close to reaching pandemic levels….. Arriving into KLIA, we completed Declaration of Health forms and were video camera’ed exiting the arrival gates.

Its 2.18am right now and apart from my eyes being bright and awake (although a tad bit watery), my body is tired, nose stuffed (and then running, in various intervals) but yes, still time for blogging!

However, EVEN with the flu doldrums, I’m ecstatic about the way our holiday turned out. Relaxing and we bagged it – one of the main purposes of the trip was to take our pre-wedding shots. I was so stressed out looking for the clothes, stressing about my hair and even the silliest thing of putting on my own fakies (eyelashes). I’m proud to say I can manage my own fakies now – and they STAY on.

WE didnt, however, anticipate the cloudy weather (3 days in a row!). Anyway, once our Photographer Zung, called out on the last shoot session (which started at 7am in the morning) that ITS A WRAP! God, we were so happy – all that stressing and freezing our butts off had come to an end – we’re waiting to see the fruits of our labour. A happy ending.

ITS A WRAP! - show tongue and laugh like morons!

ITS A WRAP! - show tongue and laugh like morons! And on Alexandre the 3rd Bridge, no less.


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