Take a break, give someone a Kit Kat

Sometimes you look at someone – an acquantaince, a colleague, someone you just met and generally speaking, we judge alot in this day and age without knowing what circumstances this person is in.

If this girl is shy and reserved and shuffles her feet alot when she is talking to you and perhaps only looks you in the eye every other 5 minutes in the conversation…a person might think…this young thing is clueless, unassertive, no potential, not really worth much of your Rm100 per minute executive time and well, you get the picture. She’s new at work and she is given a seat in a more secluded corner of the office and has no one to talk to during office hours because (a) she is shy (b) she is new.

If you sat her down and just took a bit of time off your work to get to know this girl alittle better, you might find that a little knowledge about a person, their circumstances and their outlook in life changes your whole perception of them.

This girl is starting out as a trainee, has very little experience, and also not much confidence due to lack of complete higher education (or any at all) and suddenly you learn that she is (a) the only child in the family (b) due to financial constraints she doesnt own a car and shares the family car (c) her mum drives her to work everyday…you know, little things like that.

She is being sent abroad for 3 months for a secondment in Sri Lanka now as part of her trainee exercise. She requests for a day off at the office to prepare for her trip to buy some supplies – which got flatly declined. What people wont know is that her mum cried the night before because her only child is going on her first trip abroad away from her family for so long for the first time. That she is so nervous about being in a foreign country working with new colleagues for the next 3 months. She’s nervous that she’s traded her old job for this new one, and she doesnt know if she would be able to take the new job’s requirements. Or that her boyfriend has dumped her because she was going away for 3 months and God knows how long.

All this from behind that shy, reserved girl on 10th floor in the Purchasing Section. Just hypothetical, just hypothetical.

I guess sometimes we all get abit jaded by life, social norms, branding, TV, media, advertising, gossip, upbringing, friends, relatives, previous bad experiences, previous good experiences, until we sometimes get abit of tunnel vision. I say, bring in the human element, let abit of light into your life, let someone cut into your traffic lane (SOMEONE, not SOME-ALL for this one) and maybe give someone a break today. Lets not be kiasu 99% of the time (kekeke) – lets face it, Malaysians rate pretty high on the Kiasu index at times.


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