And the old Causeway Bay beckons

i feel like im back in our second home everytime we land in HK and find ourselves back in in Park Lane. Today was full on, had one and a half hours on the plane from Manila to HK and it was a blissful sleep flight. We had the obligatory “SAI TO-SIE kah FA SEONG CHEONG” in my bad pronounciation, thats French Toast with Peanut Butter and “TUNG LAI CHA” or Ice Milk Tea.

Then we had drinks at our favourite old dude’s bar Georges and Co in Park Lane followed by the ol’ Yakiniku place and THEN karaoke at CEO. Selection of english songs could be better but we sang out hearts out anyway, accompanied by the ol’ Black Label is our friend thing.

My eyeslids are now droopy but to update my blog is paramount, even if i am a rambling ninny at 1.45am.  Yes, a fully utilised day feels great at the end when you’re showered and in your jammies, throat sore from yelling into the mic at the top of your lungs with the head banging thing going on strong.

Tonight’s a school night mates, and therefore I shall lunge into bed and let tomorrow take care of itself. Til then, I Dont wanna miss a thing~~~~~~~

night night


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