After my looooong hiatus

AAAhhhh…to be back in my comfort zone after knowing new meanings to the word HECTIC…i’m ready to blog again. Its been a HEC-TIC week with travelling, entertainment, work and yes of course managing to squeeze in some shopping to quell the shopaholic in me……

My last post in HK was after a few rounds of alco and barrage of singing – days after which were pretty adventurous, with Stena (of HK) taking me to OOH, the other side! I also scoured one of my not to be missed shopping havens – Island Beverly in Causeway bay and managed many precious finds. Is it just me, or did prices in HK go down after the financial crisis? Its mid May, and many shops were having sorta pre-sales bargains…even H&M, my fav “ta-pau” place was partially on sale….oh the word “Sale” sends shivers down my spine in a tingling fashion and blood pumping through my veins with a roar! My wallet feels the pain, but my joy is endless!

Que “Confessions of a Shopaholic” the movie with Isla Fisher (how cute is she?). Even Ron watched that on the plane (and chosing that over his precious “Dont disturb Mr Grumpy on one of his flight deep sleeps). Wow!

And now back to stinky reality….again.

TO back track alittle (rewind to last Monday) – we were in Hard Rock Cafe Makati and being in the land of natural singers, i thoroughly enjoyed the 3 woman band singing out pop tunes – pretty reto but up beat and funky. The gals were pretty cute too. And this was a Monday night band. The crowd was described as tame, docile, robotic at best. Can you believe we ate “Beef Hor Fun” and “Roti Canai” in HRC? Compliments of the General Manager.

I was loathe to be lugging around the G10 – my bag is to store purchases, not cameras!! eye roll. So i dont have much pictures to post. My verbal diarrhea will have to suffice!

This round in HK we had not one but TWO rounds of karaoke singing and as I last blogged we started a sesh in CEO, then two nights later strolled into Red Box PLUS (i emphasise the PLUS, which is isnt any different from our regular red-boxes in KL) at 1.30am and sauntered out at 5am (after everyone had to pry my clammy fingers loose from the mike). Back on the PLUS topic, i noticed we malaysians are pretty pampered when it comes to karaoke quality. The Red Box Plus in HK’s rooms arent even carpeted – GASP of horror. However, they do have a fairly nice selection of english songs – still not as great as our Msian variety of english songs – which are probably fanatically updated every other week.

A happy birthday call out to my mates Sarina and Ridza who share the same B-DAY. Poor Sarina was nursing her sick daughter at home on her birthday but thats why she is a great MUM! And Ridza – da partay animal got up to no good at Karaoke as well – good on you!

Til my next rubbishy post!

nite nite


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