Ooh a bland and darrrk post

I often browse through google news for my daily dose of world and national news. I find the news these days to be described at best as ‘depressing’ – with updates on the increasing toll of confirmed swine flu (or to be more politically correct – Influenza type H1N1) to kidnaps of innocent people, to political drama, nuclear testing, global warming and the fact that even a simple luxury we have such as water will become sparse in time to come. It does give an aura of gloom for our children and grand children’s future. I sometimes find myself blogging about such matters of inconsequence, really as it gets harder and harder to come up with something to write about these days which mean anything at all.

I must be quite touched by the movie i just watched. Its called Nothing but the truth – about a journalist/reporter who stood by her rights  not to divulge her source of information which was assumed as a threat to national security. Anyway, it was all about standing by your principles and not collapsing under prosecution. (Of course, it was Kate Beckinsdale that first attracted me to watch it at all….)

I also realise, that while women today hold very important places in this world – governments, businesses, finance – there is still so much negative elements of being the fairer sex, how things a woman does is not equivalent to a man’s. Never an advocate of feminism, someone lately reminded me of how women today are self empowered and to anyone out there, male or female, you are a unique individual and you live your own life.

As a Malaysian woman, brought up in today’s society, I had thought that Asian women are regarded  as years move on, as liberated individuals. However, it seems that most of us are still walking that very gray line.

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