The little luxuries in life

What are the little luxuries in life? What makes your day? What happens to you that gives you a little spring in your step? What happens that makes you find yourself humming a tune or singing in the shower?

1. Foot massages, back massages and massages of any kind

2. A little surprise gift from someone

3. A $XXXX sudden tax bonus from overseas

4. A unanticipated promotion

5. A love letter from no stranger

6. A relaxing facial plus a free in package eye and neck treatment

7. A shopping spree with a gift voucher

8. A sincere apology or compliment

9. A romantic comedy or emotion-evoking movie

10. A romantic getaway (even better if its a surprise, but not if you had packed your bikinis and were going to Iceland)

11. A surprise home cooked “gourmet” dinner

12. A lovely catch up with old Good Friends

13. Breakfast in bed (ok, extremely rare)

14. A public Holiday (ha ha! no brainer)

15. A wanted or UNwanted declaration of love (to you!)

16. A terrific bargain

17. A free makeover

18. A hair spa

19. A blissful sleep

20. A sickie

21. A fantastic job offer – for the role of your dreams

22. Winning a competition – grand prize (no matter how small the prize)

23. A manicure and pedicure

24. A weekend party with close friends in a vineyard (or anywhere, really)

25. A ride in a hot air balloon

26. Having cocktails (or whatever you fancy) while lying on the beach

27. Buying your first (whatever) that you dreamed about for the longest time

29. Being introduced to your friend’s newborn baby

30. Being healthy and beautiful – inside and outside

So, why stop at the 30 mark? Well because it seemed harder and harder to think – haha, and because the number 30 is on my mind!

Creeping up to 30, ladies and gentlemen – is that first step out of the roaring 20’s as they say, and into the maturity stage. The 30’s where cant fool around no more, you’re now (really!) a mature, independent adult. You got to look out for yourself and you’ve got to be grounded (come on, at least by NOW)

So now – gosh i’ve got approximately 1.5 years to achieve all the things you should do before you turn 30. MAKE that checklist!


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