Lim Yu Vern – Acknowledgement

Vern and I in happy times. December 2009 - During my cousin Adrian's wedding.

Vern and I in happy times. December 2009 - During our cousin Adrian's wedding.

How adorable is he? My cute and innocent 16 year old brother Vernie. We miss him so much, we wish we had the chance to at least tell him goodbye and we love him. He suffered so badly in the hospital but we couldn’t be by his side to hold his hand and comfort him before he died. My poor poor Vernie Poo. I miss you VP.

Vern’s Obituary/Acknowledgement will be in The Star (tomorrow, 3rd June 2009) and Sin Chew Jit Poh (day after, 4th June 2009). It will be a rather small column but all the same, please do have a look. Our family is so grateful and thankful to have the support and kindness of so many relatives, friends from near and far and well wishers. To Vern’s friends – thank you thank you for being there to share our grief and to tell us so many heartwarming stories about Vern. You all have made us smile through our tears hearing about Vern’s antics at school and outside school. You gave us confirmation on how well Vern was leading his life socially and how many much more beautiful sides to him we may not have seen at home. Yu Vern was an angel, sometimes naughty and mischievous but really a pure angel.

When I am ready I will blog more about Vern and the freak biking accident but right now I can only write in short bursts.

Thank you again.


2 thoughts on “Lim Yu Vern – Acknowledgement

  1. Dear Sue-Ann, I am so sorry for your loss. Even though I did not know your brother, but I know the pain of losing a love one. Be strong and please know that you and your family are in my prayers.

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