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Monday, June 1, 2009


i knew it was the last thing i could’ve do for you, it was the last day, it was the last time i could’ve seen you in body.
i really wanted to be there for the last time.
sending you off.
but i admit i didn’t have the guts to attend the cremation.
i dont want to see you there in the coffin again,showing only your face lying there,
it remind me again that you’re gone forever,
i dont want it to be like that,
i still hope it wasn’t true.
i couldn’t resist my tears anymore when i saw the picture of you lying the the coffin,
then thought of the process just went past my mind.

i was flipping through my photos, and i came across the picture of your bike you sent to me, i remember you would always talk about how cool your bike was and which was your ideal type of bike you wanted, which i thought it looks almost the same and totally no idea what are the functions.

then it was the pictures you’ve drawn yourself with only the mouse, it was totally amazing how well you could draw, you’re totally artistic. you would draw everything that you’d think it was funny into a picture. it never fail to make me smile and laugh over just a piece of picture. i remembered the last picture you drawn was a mashi maro looked alike, and i said it looked like you ! it was really cute.

no one could replace you vern,
you’re someone who i can talk to regardless on any topic.
someone whom i knew i could talk to when i’m down,
you’re someone special !
i wish i could’ve spend more time knowing more about you and listening to your stories.

i wish i could see you online msn again,
i knew it wouldn’t happen, but i’m still waiting.
there’s too much things related to you,
somehow reminds me of you.

i know you wont be able to read all these things i’ve written, but it came out sincerely from my heart.

i misssss you vern!
hope you’re doing good where ever you are know.

scram out @ 11:48 PM

Saturday, May 30, 2009 all that’s left are memories

Lim Yu Vern

14/10/1992 ~~30/05/2009

when i got the news i was in total shocked, the feeling can’t be describe, i was in total cofusion whether to believe it or not.

i even thought that it was a joke or just for fun, it was really so sudden. ='(

it was just 2 days back that i was still talking to you on MSN.. mygodnesss.

but i can’t denied the fact, it was horrifying.

the moments,

brotherly love..

i’ll miss the time we spent in your room singing random songs,

recording funny voices, going online, and having our hands on the

PS2 and your guitar. and those chocolateees moments. those yumcha session,

shisha session ( though i didnt try), teasing each other, making funny names,

talking about how cool you want your bike to be

and it goes on and on…

and you’d said we’re suppose to go jogging and exercise when you’re back, fat vern!

i dont mind if you continue teasing me,

i hope you’re back here with us x/

i miss you.

~i still have a post on my blog written by you!

Dear Vern,

you’ll always be in our memory. we wont forgot all the laughters and joke you made, thanks for everything you’ve brought to us.

may you rest in peace


somehow, at this moment i still have the urge

that your msn name will pop up

from the right hand corner of my screen

showing you’re online x/

i’ve just lost a friend and a MSN buddy.

scram out @ 11:16 PM


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