Lim Yu Vern – Blog excerpt 4 – By Shammie Ng

Another few blog posts by Vernie’s friend, Shammie Ng from I miss u Vernie …Che Che miss u! We keep thinking about you Vern…and then we will “sigh” loudly.

Cutie pie Vern few years back - from his facebook.

Cutie pie Vern few years back - from his facebook.

Vernie with Mum and Dad on 18th February 2009 - CNY in Penang.

Vernie with Mum and Dad on 18th February 2007 - CNY in Penang.

By Shammie Ng

Monday, June 1, 2009
Your name won’t disappear .

Posted on: Monday, June 1, 2009
Posted at: 7:56 PM

That store in Sunway .

That was my first picture with you .
You did things that made us laugh or shake our heads & that was just you .
No one could ever replace that .
You would spend countless times staring at the mirror just fixing your hair that never moved .
I would tell you how much I liked your slippers & marvel at the countless earrings you have on one ear .
Vern, Oh Vern .
I miss you .
Your cremation was today, I knew it was the last time I would ever see you again . But I can’t do it . I can’t take it, I can’t see you go like that . I can’t watch you go .
You were there, right there . Right in front of me .
During our holidays after Cempaka’s award’s night, we decided to go Ice Skating at Pyramid . But it turned out to just be another one of our bumming hang-outs, so we ditched the general idea & stoned around .
You wore my gloves,
you laughed about anything & everything to the guys,
you wiped off the disgusting kisses,
you lent me your phone to call my parents, then YiChing & I played with it .
At my post-Christmas party,
you helped clean up,
you ate marshmallows at my stove,
you jumped around on my furniture,
you camwhored with Zoe & YiChing in my living room,
you ransacked my bedroom with the guys after award’s night .

I’d do anything to have those times again,
just talk to you again, just to see you again,
just to say a proper goodbye,
just to hug you and see you wipe your face and fix your hair .

Everyone misses you, Vern .
But I know you’re in a better place now .
You’ll always have a place in my heart and in everyone’s hearts .
Thank you for that .



Sunday, May 31, 2009
Have a great time in Heaven .

Posted on: Sunday, May 31, 2009
Posted at: 8:38 PM

Lim Yu Vern .
1992 – 2009
I wish I’d known you better, seen you more often, knew you longer .
I will miss those few times that I have hung out with you .

I keep waiting for you to say something random to me on msn, or just signing in like you always do .
I kept thinking that you would jump out and say that you were kidding to all your friends & piss us off so that we could see you again .
Thank you for being in my life, even if it wasn’t completely a significant role .

Rest In Peace, Vern .
I miss you already .
We all love you very, very much .


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