Lim Yu Vern – baby Vern

Today Mum and Dad went to ‘hunt’ for an old school VCR player so we could watch Vernie’s baby and toddler videos we took way back in 1992 – 1998. He was the cutest baby in the world and watching the videos reminded us of how close we were and how much Dad, Mum, big sis and big bro doted on him. He was such a good boy even as a little kiddo. Me miss miss Vernie.

We spent much of the evening watching him as a baby (not talking yet), then crawling, then talking, then doing a copy of capoeira with Mum when he was 2. So cute!All throughout, Mum, Dad, Jeen and I were doing all kinds of baby talk to Vern – I was 12 and Jeen was 9 (and skinny!).

Somewhere in between there was a video of me, Leesan, Jen, Win, Jezamine and Cat doing our IU dance performance for Interact Club in secondary school. *Cringe* *Shudder*. Then there was pubescent me in my braces and permed hair (PLUS hairband) ….gosh those days when life was simple, kind, carefree and wonderful.

Today is the 7th day since Vernie left us. Maybe he will visit tonight.



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