You did well VP

Hi Vernie – today you would have sat for your SAT exams. We all know that while you acted like you ‘tidak apa’ – you knew you had to do well. Whenever I phone you, I would ask “Vern, how’s your studies? You better not fail your SATs!” and you would tell me “OK-laa” and you would say to me “Chee, SATs cannot FAIL one la. You either do well or do bad”

Vern, we looked at your report card/academic transcript that Sister Julia brought back to us 2 days ago and you got alot of A’s and scored above 90 for all subjects. Not bad, huh you? Che Che would have bought you a present! Maybe a PS3 or a new laptop or a new watch? THAT would have kept you busy right?

Sorry Che Che always emphasised on your studies when I called…I just wanted you to have a bright bright future. But I didnt know you already had so much going on around you, you were also having fun, shaping your personality and life and having the time of your life in Penang.

Vernie – Mummy and Daddy would have been in Penang now eating Char Koey Teow or Koay Teow Th’ng with you now, and you would have been packing your things to come back to KL after your exam. Vern we all know you were looking forward to coming home and you told Sister Julia you missed home.

And now you are not here anymore, and Vernie, we all at home really feel sad today because you were supposed to come back. You didnt know but your Che Che here was quite excited to have you back in KL. But anyway VP, Mum says that you are probably meeting other iconic rockers and motorbike racers in heaven, and that you were playing your electric guitar up there, looking cool as usual, probably wearing your skull slippers too, just ones that are heaps better.

Speak to you again soon Vern,

Love, Chee


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