Melvin’s Notes to Vern on Facebook

Mum told me Vern’s friend Melvin in Penang uploaded a video of Vern and Kelvin at Tanjung Bungah Pasar Malam. He was wearing one of his fav t-shirts – white coloured Tokyo Motor Show 2007 t-shirt which Ronnie and I got for him at the show. I still keep this tshirt – its very worn and old looking now. Vern was a fusspot about his clothes – it had to fit just right!

The video is blur but its all we have for now and you will laugh looking at it. Dunno what these two are doing – some kinda dance. Today I miss Vernie alot – I’m afraid its starting to sink in….Cant seem to embed the video here although I’ve done it before. Anyway click on the link below:

Kelvin & Vern – Getting Jiggy with it -Youtube

Still picture of Vern and Kelvin at the Pasar Malam

Still picture of Vern and Kelvin at the Pasar Malam

Facebook notes from Melvin:

Melvin Tan hey vern i still have your video when u and Kelvin Ng having fun at Tanjung Bunga Pasar Malam… it just a few sec video but i will load in here soon…
I wish i can get to know your schoolmate and continue play and laugh with u…man..i damn miss u
My house was very quiet when u r not around…every friday,saturday,sunday & also holiday u will stay in my house and talk something funny all day long…we all always doing research about super bike and we also plan to buy some big bike when we all grow up…and we said after buying super bike we will go for a holiday trip by super bike…
You promise me that your last day in penang we i will bring u to a german restaurent call Ingolf… and i also said that i am going down to KL together with you for a holiday trip.
Every friday night i bring u to Jelotong Pasar Malam to meet my schoolmate and make new friend in penang…me and my schoolmate speak in chinese and u just understand some of it…it was funny…even my schoolmate miss u a lot

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Melvin Tan my parent tear drop when we hear u r gone…

until now i still remember that u always like to say “chao ka”(smelly leg) in hokkien and oso like to say a word weird “chicken backside satay”*when i was at home alone i keep think back that u say this kind of weird stuff and my tears started to drop* me and my bro ask u why u so like to say this kind of weird stuff and u told us it sound funny and enjoying…when u r boring at my house u will start to say “chicken backside satay” all day long and make yourself happy…u are a special person!!!

i am from penang and study at Han Chiang High School(private school) Penang and i very very happy to know a special friend like u

Melvin Tan writing with tear dropping…

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Melvin Tan vern you are a smart and funny person…u like to discover something new and learn a lot of new things…

one day your sister brought u a new pair of shoes and u say u love it and showing off in front of me…it was funny when u r showing off your new shoes and acting kind of funny too…

That night before u r gone…i sleep early and u ask my bro why i sleep so early that night…that night i just a half sleep and i saw u just right beside me doing research about super bike with my bro…that is my last near your voice,see your laugh & see your funny acting…when u r on the way to my house and something happen and that night u said nu r going to stay in my house…

Everything gone so fast ya…now u can have your super bike in heaven we know u love super bike a lot…we will meet again^^ and ride C70 with your super bike…not going to forget every moment we having fun everyday~~miss you man…


2 thoughts on “Melvin’s Notes to Vern on Facebook

  1. hey. im jz a random stranger.
    jz the other day i flipped tru the stars paper n saw vern’s obituary. i had this sudden weird feeling, i felt sorry he had to go at such a young age. n jz now i was reading tru a friend of a friend’s blog n saw she talked abt vern. frm someone i knew nth abt, i felt the pain n sorrow all his friends are goin tru. he must be a very goood friend. accident happens, but he is in a better place now. i cannot do anything else other than to offer my condolences and pray for vern’s family and friends to stay strong.he’s looking down from heaven, smiling, noeing he is still loved by familly and friends and thought about everyday. i dunno wat happened, how everythg happen. but i guess everythg happens for a reason, and for this, God probably needed a good soul up thr with him.
    take care n God bless. stay strong.

    • HI Kel, although u say u are a random stranger, u are touched as well by Vern’s going, and I guess this is a great and wonderful thing. Enjoy and appreciate life, love your loved ones!

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