Yu Vern’s Memorial in Penang – Video snapshots

I’ve said it before and will do it once again. Alot of friends and faraway friends and acquiantances have contact me/us whether via facebook, email or my blog in show of their support.

The hits on my blog continue to be phenomenal and even on the increase. This shows just alittle bit of light in this ‘dark’ time for us and gives much hope. I think our faith continues to strengthen and there have been many signs to show that God has shown us his hand.

I somehow think that indeed we have been ‘awakened’ by this tragedy which we once before thought that we would never face – not this suddenly, not this harshly, not to our Vern. Ever since the accident, there have been many testimonies and stories about other deaths of loved ones, particularly the seemingly untimely deaths of young teenagers and even children.

I think the feelings of sadness, grief and loss about Vern largely revolves around the fact that he had so much going for him, such a broad, beautiful future and that he seemed to be not given the chance to live life. Of course, the separation is terrible. Why them? Why so young? Why so suddenly? This may be questions asked by parents and families facing a similar loss.  But during his 16 and a half years on earth we have hopefully given him the opportunity to fulfill his desires as much as we could, until God has acted out on his divine plan and Vern’s purpose on earth.

Its been 2 weeks since the incident and not a day passes when my mind doesn’t go back to the traumatic experience of seeing him lifeless for the last time after not seeing him for 3 months before that – and a big, long, tired and frustrated sigh comes out from nowhere. As Ally said to me….it may get harder, not easier, as time passes. However, I strongly believe that in God we will find comfort and peace.

Thanks to Audrey for recommending me the freemov2avi software – I’ve successfully uploaded portions of Vern’s Penang homeschool memorial held on Tuesday this week onto Youtube, linked below. Still an issue about embedding the videos so links will have to suffice. G’night everyone.

Introduction by Pastor Clement

Vern\’s Penang Memorial at Pinang ACE Homeschool Picture Slideshow prepared by Pastor Clement

Short speech by Yu Bin, Vern\’s schoolmate

Short speech by Max, Vern\’s Schoolmate

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