Sunday morning

I’m slowly getting back to life as it was before Vernie left us. Yesterday we went to Church and some of my parent’s friends came over to the house while the younger adults slunk off to Starbucks for coffee.

My pulse seems to be ebbing again, slowly but surely, and I have gotten back to my wedding planning – which I am sure is much to the relief of our wedding planner Michelle.

On 22nd May 2009, Vern and some of his Pinang ACE Homeschool mates performed a song called “The Show” by Lenka, in a band. These are the pics from Vern’s talent night. A couple of days ago, I walked into a Record Store and found the Lenka CD. Now we have it playing in our house, and its a lovely song, so cute and warm – but not very characteristic of the type of songs Vern liked but knowing he played this song keeps it close to the heart.

I found the MTV on youtube. Click below:

Lenka\’s \”The Show\” – Youtube

There was once I asked him to play Christina Aguilera’s “The Voice Within” on his electric guitar – kinda cramping his style in music – so I could sing along. He found the lyrics/chords on the internet and started playing, once and twice and we went on numerous times practising. He was so cooperative. Even those times when I sang karaoke at home and no one would be around to listen or take notice (without help of earplugs!) Vern would shout from upstairs if I made a mistake and he would say “I heard that!”

I am reading alot about Heaven and what the Bible says about life after death. The reality of both Heaven and Hell.


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