I’m too busy!

The “spring in my step” lasted approximately 1 hour. Ever since then the world looked as bleak, ugly and boring as it did yesterday and the weeks after Vernie left.

A good friend Lee San called from Singapore today to find out how things are with me. Like a few other people I know (and I don’t know) have read some of Vern’s friend’s accounts that I have posted in my blog and said that these were touching and even caused some teary eyes.

Yes, its sad sad sad that I as his sister only have to know about this side of him after he’s gone. Sad Sad Sad. So therefore to all my friends out there…I besiege you! Please take the time – just even a few minutes a day – out of your own busy schedules. Pick up the phone – call your brothers, call your sisters, your mum and dad – just to touch base. Just to hear their voices. How many times have the thought of your little bro or sis crossed your mind, then you make a mental note to call them then suddenly find you are too busy doing something else?

I know some of us have brothers and sisters overseas, working, studying and perhaps you yourself are overseas and yes, time and days passes on end sometimes without thinking of your family back home. But please! Call! Webcam! Keep all your MSN conversations! They will be priceless. Take more videos, take voice recordings. Save them, back them up on 2 different Hard Disk or Thumb Drives and keep them in separate locations!

Now, all is left of my jagged memories are the sound of the song Vern played at Talent Night, his favourite guitar pieces and a library or collection of Vern’s pictures. Everyday that passes, the image of him lying in the hospital fades alittle, but the urge to hear his voice (naughty or nice) is multiplying each and every day.

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie


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