Lim Yu Vern – A father’s letter

Hey I almost forgot to tell everyone: I’ve also uploaded another video of Jeen at Vernie’s Penang Memorial Service again – on youtube. This video shows Jeen reading out the letter that our Dad wrote to Vern after he left us, especially since my Dad couldn’t be at the service in Penang.

My apologies, this video was taken only halfway, but its a good insight to what Dad wanted to say to Vernie. If only Vern heard it. Im sure he did, I’m sure he knows, I’m sure God would have told him.

Click on the link below:

Read by Jeen – A father\’s letter (Vern\’s Penang memorial)

4 thoughts on “Lim Yu Vern – A father’s letter

  1. Hey Sue
    You know what…I am a little afraid to watch this video as I know I will have tears.

    I have been thinking about you and your journey in this loss of your brother. I think it doesn’t get easier. But it is about embracing it in your steps ahead in life.

    You are doing such a wonderful thing for VP…writing about him.


    • Hi Jimmy, I thought it would get easier but no, it really gets harder in a ‘hopeless’ manner. Its as if your heart has alot of wishes which you know will never materialise. that kinda feeling…. We think about him alot!!!

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