Still all about Vern

I have not posted about the Note that Vern wrote me a few months ago. This note written by Vern to me was thanking me for being a kind sister – usually uncharacteristic of him. Vern wrote the note for me and back then I had already been very touched by it and I pasted it on my wall in my room. He had hidden the note in my laptop before he left to Penang the last round in February 2009.

I havent had the time to scan the note yet, but I will do it soon and post it on my blog. Anyway, the note was framed after Vern left us and I had put it with his pictures during his funeral.

Note written by Vern to me in February 2009

Note written by Vern to me in February 2009

It read:

Thank You.

For all the things you’ve done and bought for me.

I also want to apologise for the other day. I shouldn’t have said that. [Sorry!]

I’m thankful to have a kind/generous sistaa like you.

(Smiley face) Love, V.P

No need to worry about me in Penang.

P.S. ->…You only gave me RM130

Now, this doesnt mean to say that I am the only family member doing things for Vern. In actual fact, I’m probably the one who least influenced his life! Mum, Dad and Jeen spent alot more time with Vern as I travelled alot and dont live at home much.

Anyway, no one would have known about this note unless they came to the funeral, because I dont remember blogging about it. Imagine my surprise when I received this email a couple of days ago from a girl called Yee Pei. Her email is posted below with her consent.

hi sue ann,

i’m yee pei. and i’m back in malaysia for a short holiday and will be back to australia next week. you probably do not know me and neither would your brother.

i’ve been wanting to write this to you the past few days but i put it off because i didn’t  know your brother personally till i saw a memorial in The Star a few days back.  i was also worried that i would write something would hurt you or your family.

about your brother, he looked very familiar. felt as if i’ve crossed path with him before. and when i asked my mom, she said that there is ceremony down the road a few days ago near my home (SS24). i also did attend dumc before i went to study in australia, so maybe there.

and then i proceeded to googling his name and i found the numerous blogs that wrote about him. the sister who adores him. the girl that loves him. the friends that admires and it was amazing to see how much people he has touched and even me, a stranger. putting myself in your shoes,  i wouldn’t have imagine how i would have felt.

the purpose i’m writing this e-mail is to tell you that your brother is still a blessing even after his death. his story, your story really encouraged me to appreciate the people i have around me.

and today i fought with my brother. i was trying to tell him how immature he is. and i found this note stuck on my laptop screen when i came back. i would have discarded this note as ANOTHER note if not for yu vern. but now i see that it’s all in God’s plan for me to guide him when i still can.

i’ve been keeping yu vern and your family in my prayers nightly. i hope things will get better with time.

yee pei

She then attached her brother’s note to her, also pasted on her laptop.

Note written by Yee Pei's brother

Note written by Yee Pei's brother

Is God giving us subtle messages? I think so. HE works in marvellous ways. Dont think Yee Pei knew about Vern’s note. But the gist of the message is that, I’m hoping everyone now appreciates life and their loved ones alittle more than before.


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