Yippee! Thank you Sarah for your comment!

I have to post this, in case no one read the comments section on my post on Movies + Vern.

I said:

Last night Ronnie, Jeen and I specifically chose to watch Terminator – Salvation because this was the last movie Vern watched in Penang, the night before the night of the accident. His schoolmates had convinced him to watch it.  He must have gone ‘wow’ at the part where John Connor gets on that superbike-machine thingy.

I wanted to see and feel what Vern saw and felt while watching the movie. I’m glad we caught this movie before the cinema took it off the screens. Sarah, Yu Jin or any of Vern’s Pinang ACE mates – if you are reading this – did Vern comment on the movie????

Sarah, thank you thank you for your response! She said today:

I was sitting a few seats away from him and i heard him saying “wow, i wished i had a bike like that then i could go round round! “. He said that out really loud. I think everybody in the cinema heard that too.

If possible, Sarah has put a great big smile on my face! I am so tremendously happy that I decided to watch Terminator Salvation before it got removed from Cinemas, just cos Vern watched it the day before the accident. Oh Vernie, everyone is still thinking about you. I still get emails from people telling me how sorry they are that you’ve gone now. But, I also want everyone to know that God is taking good care of you now, and you must be enjoying yourself to the max in heaven while you wait for Mum, Daddy, Che Che and Ko Ko to meet you. I bet time passes like super quick in heaven – Heaven time, instead of Human-time.

Che Che is starting to miss you alot now Vern. I’m not the only one, many other people miss you. But you know that already, right? Night night Vern, Kiss Kiss! (Most times he still lets me kiss him)!


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