The salesman and the over zealous surveyee

A couple of days ago, a young man came to the office. He carried a black shoulder bag (looking abit like a gym bag) and he was climbing up the 2nd set of stairs of the 3 story shoplot when I saw him. I call him a ‘young man’ because he looked only slightly older than 18. I didnt ask of course.

I said to him “Yes? Can I help you?” (I called from the upper rung of stairs, and of course I had my stern office voice on).

He has a confused look on his face “Miss, you work here?”

I say something in the affirmative, and he says “BUT you look so young! Like 21 years old! So young working already?”

Gosh, the tactics they use these days. As if that was going to work on me!!! WELL Ok, it did, alittle. I smiled and said “Ha ha, I’m old liao 29 years old!!!”

He said to me “Ah! Miss! I’m here to talk about something very exciting!” At the look on my face that probably signaled SALESMAN – of the DOOR to DOOR variety!!! He quickly added “OH, don’t worry! I am here to do a survey only, and to tell you some exciting news!”

I was suspicious but seeing his enthusiasm, I had taken pity on him – after all, he was probably only a little older than Vern was. He was sweating profusely but his smile was very big. He said “I’m sure you have heard of PV Collection right???” in a very excited voice – well trained indeed.

I said “No…..??? Whats that?”

He frowned exaggeratedly and said “Haven’t you heard? I’m surprised!” Then he pulled out a small box containing a perfume. He said “Alot of people say this smells like POLO Black. You know POLO Black?”

I say “Yes……..I know POLO Black…”

He insists “Today I am doing a survey ONLY. Dont worry, I am here to tell you about something amazing!”

I say “You are selling perfume right? I’m not interested, sorry. But you said you had a survey right? Give me, I will fill in for you”

Once upon a time, when I was a young ciku, I had been also doing surveys and getting like RM5 per survey or something. It wasn’t that hard if you were in a shopping complex but to walk to each and every shoplot and knock on doors – I would say you would need a large dose of self confidence and heaps of energy.

He says “Er….I am OK. But to tell you this very big news! This perfume will be selling next week onwards in the Curve shopping complex, you know the Curve? Yah, this will be selling for RM239!”

I say “THIS? Selling for RM239! Are you sure????” I examined the label. It didn’t look particularly well made, and suspiciously like one of those ‘faux’ perfumes. The words ENGLAND was printed on the back.”Where is this from?”

He says “England!”

I laughed “No thanks. Sorry. But I’ll happily do your survey”

He says again earnestly “But! Wait! Today because it is so special, I am only selling for 69 ringgit only! And just for you – today, and TODAY only, I am selling BUY 1 Get 1 free!”

You had to admire his limitless energy and I did feel quite sorry for him, poor fella, all sweating and all and still so lively. I said “Sorry, I’m not interested but I WILL do your survey. Come – give me your survey. Got anot?”

He (now starting to get abit scared of me) backs off and says “Er…Its OK, its alright. Thank you” and makes a mad dash out.

WHAT? What did I do!!!???


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