An eventful weekend #1

Hi all, thank you for your dear comments and notes. Its again lovely to know that even though Vern’s gone, he is generating so much more love in other families….things that perhaps we everyday people would have been oblivious to – ref. comment from a lady called Samantha Ling.

I had a great and eventful weekend. Firstly Sarina’s Baby Shower – I forgot to bring my camera althought I charged and prepared it the day before – anyway, I’ll direct you to our good mate NELLIE’s blog (ref my Blogroll on the side bar) when she posts her pics and stories on her blog.

Just a quick recap of the weekend until I upload the pics from Saturday night’s (not sure what I should call this) Vern’s party at hour family home in PJ. It was heart warming and a lovely, casual affair. Vern’s Grace friends came over and filled the house with joy and laughter among the tears when we watched Vern’s videos. I shall tell a better story in more fancy detail when i get the pictures done.

Then today, we went to Vern’s final resting place in PJ to place his urn. It was a sad affair with many tears because Mum was talking to him alot as if he was there. I’m sure he heard us from Heaven. I will also story abit more about this little ceremony we had today when I get the pictures from Mum’s camera. We played gospel songs, read some bible verses, spoke to him and then we sealed his final resting place with his urn.

Its Father’s Day today – Happy Father’s Day to everyone who’s a father. We had dinner at Leonardos tonight in Bangsar and disappointingly, appetiser took 45 mins to arrive, and the main another 30 mins after. The long wait had kinda soured dinner. However, the service was still pretty good and the Angus Rib Eye steak was tender and juicy. The Pork Knuckle was consistently as good as the previous time I went, but the other parts of dinner were not memorable. We talked about Vern alot during dinner and Dad said “If only the ‘small boy’ was here, it would be so nice, wouldnt it?” My Dad still referred to Vern as the small boy. Oh how much we miss him.

Time for bed – I’m abit loathe to get into bed although I’m tired and only had 1 hour’s sleep last night – tossing and turning. Seems I’m getting something suspiciously like insomnia. Heaven Forbid!!! This is the last thing I need!!!!


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