AM Mood rating: Sad

Today I am sad. You know the lump in your throat you get when you feel like crying? I have the lump in my heart. Although sometimes your sadness seems to go away and you can a laugh or two, the next moment, you spiral back to the dumps again and on most mornings I wake up I feel as if I’m half expecting to wake up from this rancid dream.

But no matter what we think….Vern is not coming back….

A pick me up note: Yesterday we went to Church. At the end of the service, the Pastor prayed for bodily healings. Mum smsed me this morning and said “Hey! My left frozen shoulder is completely healed” Strong is her faith.

God is there, Vern is safe – its all about this now.

Oh yeah…I managed to sleep last night after praying extra long. God is good.


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