Mid work week jaunt

Mid week fever hits, your are chin deep in work and your mind is working at its peak performance for the week.

Last night I got treated to a yummy dinner in Oriental Pavillion in Jaya 33 by Jimmy with the lovely company of Laura and Bill Soong (Wait, thats Laura Lim + Bill Soong – not Laura and Bill Soong – wink wink). Jimmy even brought a nice bottle of Pinot Noir which I seemed to struggle to finish. Mid work week blues, I tell ya!

We chatted mostly about going-ons, has alittle bit of bitching on the side (whats life without a bit of cattish gossip?) then the usually “Slap my mouth! Bad karma!” motion was part of it too.

No pictures of the food – yummy tau fu, patin steam fish in blended ginger, fried pepper chicken prawn paste fried chicken (as duly corrected by Jimmy Lai) (yums!) and HK Tau Miu veg. I think I was the only one having a bowl of rice along with the food! The Rice Rocket strikes again!

Then toward the end of the night, I storied abit about Vern’s passing and the mood and conversation revolved around sufferings of some people we knew/relatives/friends/colleagues. How we are sometimes oblivious to what goes on around us, how much sometimes our minds only relate to the current pressing trivialities in life which SEEM to be explosive issues causing us much heartache.

What I have now learnt is that there are 2 types of tear-drops:

1. The kind where you are so hurt sad and angry that your mouth automatically forms an upside-down crescent moon (or boomerang if you like) and your tears come in large, angry drops.

2. The kind where your tears slide from your eyes in fluid motions, one after another – even though your face is expressionless. And they keep coming – possibly from somewhere deep inside you. The hopeless tears.


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