There are No tears in heaven

I need to relate these things that are happening to me…very very subtly…..

I was driving from Pj to Shah Alam last night after having dinner with my brother Yu Jeen. I was feeling alittle down in the car on the way and I turned on the radio.

In the past few months I havent been listening to the radio alot, and I am rather picky about the songs I like to listen to. So I’m always playing some CD over and over again just cause I like the songs. (Que Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis and the odd Avril Lavigne or Amy Winehouse. P/S I am sick of of these songs now but I still hold the iconic Christina Aguilera guilty of setting fabulously high standards)

So on this journey home last night feeling rather BLUE I was listening to the radio and Lenka’s “the Show” suddenly played just after I turned it on. If you have followed my blog, this is the song which was performed by Vern’s Pinang ACE mates at the Talent Night on 22nd May 2009. Vern played the electric  guitar, so this song really moves me alot. This could have been brushed off as a concidence since Mix & Hitz FM usually play their songs to death.

Then today I was having lunch at Pappa Rich Kopitiam and they were playing a song – “More than Words”  and I was thinking to myself about Eric Clapton and his song “Tears In Heaven and how sad it must have been for him when his son fell and died. I was thinking I should download the song when I get home tonight and look at the lyrics and post them on my blog.

Suddenly, before I left this Pappa Rich Kopitiam, the song “Tears in Heaven” started playing!!

Of all the places in the world, of all the songs in the world, of all the people (me) in the world and You know what? Out of my whole lifetime coming and going from Klang, I have never once eaten at Pappa Rich Kopitiam!

Is God telling me something: that confirms our Vernie Poo is indeed in heaven and that is he safe (and probably having the time of his life???)

I think so. I believe so. How can this be a coincidence? I have read that in God’s Language, the is no ‘accidentand there is no ‘coincidence‘.


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