Vern’s foray into Dance Mania??

The last few months of his life, Vern had been building up his bod – the once skinny kid (like me – haha) was pumping 5kg weights at home in Penang. He had a weighing scale right next to his bed and he had joined Fitness First in Penang. Well, with the young ones and at that versatile age, you really never know what he would be up to next.

The day before his accident I had an MSN chat with Vern – the last I communicated with him. I asked him “Dont you miss your sister??”

He replies “Uh…..Yes, I do [smiley face].”

Then I said “Eh, I bought for you a another Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt from Manila”

Vern says “Ohh Cool!”

Most times I see him online and we dont really chat. I had taken for granted that I could click on his nick in MSN anytime and we would be able to speak. Now we can’t. But I am so happy I decided to click on his name the on this particular night.

He was also urging me to watch this stuff on YouTube.

Star King Dance mania

Vern was never the dancing type but my guess is he might have started doing these moves! Anyway, he said these little korean dancers were really cool and I thought i would share these with you. I still have these because I had marked them under my favourites in youtube. Some had become ‘unavailable’ so the above seems to be the only active one. Enjoy!

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