The strangest things

OK, my latest desire has been to try to be closer to God. I have been reading Christian books each night in a form of having my quiet time. Its also a great eye opener in many aspects. Every week I stock up on these books, as if there is a thirst i cannot quench. Home is filled with these books now as Mum, Dad and Jeen have been kinda reading them as well.

The funniest thing happened last night. As my family and I headed home after dinner in Tmn Mayang Jaya last night, we passed by the Equipper evangelical shop – it was closed. But outside, on the walkway stood a box filled with books, as if it was going to be thrown away. So we helped ourselves to these books and really – what are the odds!? I just get the feeling that somehow God is really reaching out to us. Now I’m stocked up for a good one month!

Its been awhile since Ive had a serious post here. Work has been rather busy, and also my piano banging each night now.

Well, as an emotional update, the mood has been up and down. Tears are much less now but it seems I can’t stand to look at Vern’s pictures now. Its now as if its a painful reminder of the brother I used to have. Vern’s pics are on our laptop wallpapers, handphone wallpapers and everywhere else.

Other things had made me just alittle sad before now makes me tear up rather quickly. The familiarity of crying is always there. As if anything that makes u sad is automatically associated with the sadness around the loss of Vern.

Sigh Vernie Poo….

Me camwhoring in Vern's cap - chinese wordings drawn by Vern

Me camwhoring in Vern's cap - chinese wordings drawn by Vern


3 thoughts on “The strangest things

  1. Great to hear you’ve started a quiet time =) If you’re looking for devotional material, I’ve been told that Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby is really good. Journalling what you hear from God everyday is great too. Helps you track your growth – much like your blog =)

  2. Yes, Ee Ling is right. That’s a CD – ” A healing Journey Through GRIEF” by Maranatha Music which I think is good too.

  3. You are experiencing vulnerability. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable, it automatically brings you back to your source, which is God.

    When you are ready to understand deeper the teachings of Jesus, try books authored by Paul Ferrini. Or try ‘A Course of Miracles’.

    Blessed be.

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