Joy and Beauty Revisited

At the time of our lives when everything was nicely taken for granted and a ‘problem’ was something like we had no new dress to wear for the prom or the likes, we easily found joy, excitement and beauty around us.

Subsequently, as you grow older and your rose coloured lenses now become rather dusty, you start to question – what is life really about and what is our purpose in life. I myself had asked this question (to no one in particular) many times in the past 1 year.

And suddenly, God decides to answer my question and with it comes a big lesson.

After Vern’s passing, my outlook in life suddenly does a 180deg turn. As I quote from a book somewhere “We are dying from the day we are born“. SO? Even more so, life seems bleaker than ever. Then you read the news and everywhere, there is murder and evil doings. You shake your head in confirmation.YES, indeed, there is absolutely nothing beautiful in life, you think.

As I told Jeen recently, what can make us happy again after Vern left so suddenly and so cruelly? I felt that nothing I can possible achieve and do on our temporary life on earth will ever make me 100% happy – Never ever again. Maybe 95% happy but never truly truly 100% happy. How can we be? Knowing that Vern’s gone too soon and he isn’t here to enjoy it with us? He only managed to live until the age of almost 17! Has he enjoyed and experienced enough? What bad sin had he done to deserve his early passing?

Anyway, we have turned to God – I dont think he feels we should think life on earth is supposed to be a pitiful existence. We are supposed still to find joy and beauty in life – now just about the hardest thing to do. So how do we deal with this? Can any one answer me?


4 thoughts on “Joy and Beauty Revisited

  1. “God has His ways of boxing us in to test and prepare us so that we will know that our faith and calling is authentic. The sudden and untimely death of (Vern) can be considered as one of His most intense ways. This is not to suggest that we should seek after such painful episodes in life but when suffering is unavoidable, we should face and endure it by trusting that God has a larger purpose for us. Suffering before victory, death before glory as Jesus had died and was resurrected”

    Eccl 3:2 “a time to be born and a time to die”. Death is in fact a normal part of life. Hence, the Bible speaks of death as naturally as a change of address..for Christians, death is precisely a change of address from earth to Heaven.

    Jesus said, “Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds” (John 12:24) …Edmung Ng, co-founder of Grace to Grieving Persons Outreach

  2. I have had your blog put in front of me to read and it is sad to see someone who says she has turned to God for help in a time of sadness and loss to then question why that same God choose Vern to leave this life early and go and join the chosen in heaven – something all christians are striving to achieve.
    What would Vern think of the way you are now seeing the world ?

  3. It is absolutely ok and alright to get angry and question God. I know he understands. I don’t think God wanted this to happen. But because of the choices we or other people make that lead us to undesired consequences. That’s the truth about freewill. But we have to continue to have hope and trust in God knowing that He will redeem what was lost, mend the broken and heal the wounded. For He is truly, truly a loving, merciful and compassionate Father and will make good of what has happened.

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