Thats the word of the day! Takes a big (wo)man to admit it, isnt it?

OK – so i havent been updating my blog as actively as previous – well its due to a couple of things:

1. Work is piling

2. Activities were piling (especially knee weakening weekend ones)

3. Night time before bed is usually for ‘quiet’ time and subsequently – SLEEP!

I am happy to report that sleep has not been elusive for the past few weeks. The nights have been well-slept-through except for the odd nights when the house alarm goes off.

Except for a dip in the ‘happy chart’ yesterday (when I posted Vern’s guitar playing pic and listening to some music at work), this week, the mood is generally OK.

I’m now planning for our Registration of Marriage but once again the word ABOVE – that ugly ugly word – is the theme once again. Its funny how much God takes centre stage now – as HE had probably planned it after all.

Many times people have asked me (before Vern’s passing), if we were having a church wedding and vows. And back then, I had stopped going to church for a good many years and neither does Ron go to church. So I would say “Nah, we won’t be having it in a church for sure…doesnt matter” and that was that.

Now its funny how central God is and how important that our marriage is blessed. So everything is in the works for a Christianly Blessing ceremony plus registration – and how unimportant are Chinese ‘pantangs’ or superstitions are now.


3 thoughts on “Pro-cras-ti-nate

    • HI Audrey, thanks – I am staying in Shah Alam now but hang around PJ weekly…big day is still a long way off….next year…:)

  1. Cool! Where about in Shah Alam? I’m also staying there (Setia Alam) and hang around my parents’ place (PJ) weekly too 🙂

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