My Dream about Vern

I have just created an event in Facebook: Hillsongs Conference 2010 (July 6th -9th 2010) – a tad bit early (like a whole year) but gives us time to plan our holiday right???? It will be in Acer Areana, Sydney.

For more information, visit

OK that aside, I have had a rather sorry attempt at the 3 day fast which is church wide from Tuesday to Thursday (21st to 23rd) and today is the final day. Of course you can fast anytime you please, but for my first baby steps attempt, I am doing only the 1 meal a day (that was also between 1030am Bakuteh and 5pm durians)! But hey! Skipping lunch is always a NO NO for me! So I fasted breakfast on day 1, lunch on day 2 and now i am contemplating fasting dinner for the final day (oooh now that would be the biggest challenge). While I sound flippant about it, the very action of fasting was never in my vocabulary even as a Christian – my whole life.

My Dream

This morning for the first time in my life I did a morning devotion (my argument had been – why do you have to wake up early to do it, when you can do it before you sleep?)

It was because i had a very vivid dream about Vern – for the first time ever since he left. I had the opportunity to hug him and kiss him, resulting in me waking up early, crying like a baby and heading to read the Scriptures.

I decided to pray abit then read what DUMC had given – the daily reading list. Today’s reading July 23rd is Deut 12:1-14. OK i read it…and nothng jumped out at me.

Then I decided to read abit of the Bible on where I last left off. To explain, every night i read a book but its not everynight i choose to read the Bible. So far I started from Genesis and last stopped at chapter 38 about a week ago. I had stopped at the story about Joseph (who was sold as a slave by his jealous brothers). Anyway i decided to continue reading from Chap 38 – Chap 40. Nothing so far but i continued after some small prayers.

Then came the part Joseph was thrown into prison and the Egyptian Pharoah’s cupbearer and bread maker was in the same prison. So anyway, they both had dreams and asked Joseph to interpret and he said this (Gen 40:8) “Do not interpretations (of dreams) belong to God? Tell me your dreams”

Then he accurately interpreted their dreams and it came true. So the Pharoah also asked Joseph (after 2 years) to interpret his dream about the 7 years of famine and abundance in Egypt and there was again another verse (Gen 41:16) “I cannot do it, but God will give the answer you desire”

Ms Tan calls me a baby Christian and I guess that is what I am. I am still learning and trying not to do too much guess work. I’ll leave it all to God.

Til my next post, have an AweSome day!


2 thoughts on “My Dream about Vern

  1. Hehe, I bet I made you like… “OH, a comment! Quick check it now~” Hrhrhrhr… write something… more cheerful la.

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