HI all, this is a record 6 days taken that I haven’t blogged.

My number 1 fan (after my mum) is I guess evidently my brother Jeen who has left numerous ‘pleading’ comments for me to resume blogging. He rallied with some verbal diarrhea about how my blog is collecting cobwebs. (Must be the outcome of the Harry Potter season) But I was HIGH and DRY – so nothing poured forth.

And also, I was super busy this week – can you believe I didnt even have time to check my email the whole of yesterday! WHAT? 1 whole day without checking email – this is a travesty!

I lamented to Ron that my blog ratings were probably growing dismal and he comforted me with “But when you go to Japan your blog will be exciting again!”

So the story goes….I am heading off to the Land of the Rising Sun for the 2nd time in my life (last trip was in Oct 07) so almost 2 years have passed. This time I have am fortunate enough to be visiting Hokkaido – so lets hope this trip materialises!!

I will again resume my ratty tatty bloggerism soon so my number 1 and 2 fans dont get disappointed daily.

Adios Amigos


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