And I thought I was on a roll, but became a rollercoaster

Just got an email 10 mins ago that said our trip to the land of the rising sun had been postponed, when just 1 hour before I had received information about my e-ticket and itinerary.

So why I thought i was on a roll = I’m back to blogging. Why I think I’m actually on a rollercoaster is cos Life is Unpredictable. Even when you think everything is smooth sailing and without so much of a ripple….God takes it and turns it upside down. He has his divine plans and purposes so we are meant to Trust in Him.

Today is the start of the 3rd month anniversary of Vern’s passing. Life has definitely changed in our walk with God. The ‘missing’ of Vern comes in lesser spurts but each spurt can be quite painful.You never quite accept that he is gone.

I am reading a very good Christian book at the moment, and it speaks about Jealousy, Envy, Unforgiveness, Compromise and the momma killer PRIDE, and how all these things can lead to destruction that starts at the surface. Ive been telling the whole world about this book! How can I not mention it on my blog??

Do YOU think you have all this in you, somewhere????

By the way, its lunchtime. Hey – can anyone tell me which is a better buy – Ink Jet or Laser Jet printer?


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