KC Gan

The name doesnt sound like a rockstar’s right?

Anyway I think I just found a gem – you can sample his music on http://www.myspace.com/kcgan

He was the creator of The God I Know – on my previous post. Wow, a Singaporean production – not bad at all!

Am sampling all the 5 songs places on his myspace – I would have to say all of them are pretty good! Very good actually. Album – click – BUY!

Can Malaysians compare?

Come on Malaysians!!!


2 thoughts on “KC Gan

  1. Have you tried Chris Tomlin – How Great is our God and Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)?

    And one of my favorites – In Christ Alone by Newsboys

    • Hello Val – yes Amazing grace my chains are gone is lovely….
      how great is our God is it a slightly upbeat song?

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