Ding Dong DELL

Ooh the movement of the mouse pointer so quick! so Smooth! My work is so efficient! Everything is shiny and sparklingly new, the keyboard is so soft and silent, and my fingers fly across the keyboard so happily (even as I type this)

WHY the sudden delirium you ask?

I got a new laptop – hahaha. Well, ok its a Dell – usually not one of the brands I would choose but due to the severe drought of nice (plus value + reasonable performance) laptops on the market, this is what I ended up with. And I am surprisingly happy with it (design wise, who would have thought?!). Its the 1.98kg Studio XPS 14″ laptop – nice and shiny and even has that bit of “leather” on the front. The keyboard also has the cool back light thingy.

Kinda different from the old Dells hey?

Kinda different from the old Dells hey?

The extra 500gms weight I now lug around does make a difference (compared to the 1.48kg Sony Vaio hand-me-down I was using) so keep that in mind when you are spoilt and pampered from using something pretty ultra light weight.

But ALAS! My rainbow had to have a kink in it. My Dell had some start up problems after I downloaded the plugin for flash adobe (to view my blog stats no less). Then today (2nd day of official use), my wireless switch turned off by itself and they kept telling me use the slider to turn it on again, but I just couldn’t find it. In the end, I pressed some buttons I found below the laptop and voila, my touch panel worked again when before it wasn’t working (only today it decided it wouldn’t work). (eye roll). Then, my power adapter has an annoying electricity current sound – oh oh, sounds like a defect. QUICK! Do online warranty registration!!!!


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