I love work

I tells yous….when I see my blog stats achieving remarkable heights – I’m really motivated to blog, even if it means you guys have to put up with my shambly ramblies.

Time for another Oh Life! Post I’m afraid (and the bells chime twice)

First and foremost, BIG CONGRATs to my mate Winnie who has just given birth to little Danielle who I’m sure is as gorgeous as her Mum.

Well you know you’re getting “there” when your high school friends are all married and some started poppin’ out babies. But you know, your life and future are in God’s hands.

I am, unceremoniously down with the flu. My DOSE is BloWCKed and I get something akin to brain freeze when I don’t blow my DOSE. So yes, congestion galore. Its been a while since I went to see the Dr on my own accord – wondering if my heavily coloured phlegm was an indication of some sort that i needed antibiotics.

Now that I live in Shah Alam, I have another range of clinics to choose from, so I went to the friendly looking one, which stated in big bold words “Family medical practice” on their sign board. I waited 5 mins and my name was called, only to discover this session was just to take my blood pressure and weight (low and light) and waited another 40 mins for my turn to see Doc.

Doc was a nice and polite young lady – whom Ronnie frightened with his incessant questions about Tamiflu.

So I told her I had taken 1 tablet of Clarinase the night before but now i feel feverish. She popped something on my forehead that looked like a torchlight. Nope, temp was normal (damn!)

So then she looked as if she didnt know what to prescribe me. I was “So….I’m good? No medicine? Can go?”

She smiled alittle nervously and said” since u have clarinase, do you want drowsy flu meds so you can rest the whole day?” She said I needed rest for my flu and by then I was nodding affirmatively and enthusiastically.

She says “I can give you 1 or 2 days MC”

I jumped. My old Doctor would have had me run and beg the length of planet earth before granting me a 2nd day MC.

“Wow, OK, give me 2 days then” i almost shrieked.

Now she smiled nervously again and hesitated. I said “OK, OK, just give me 1 day. To be fair. Actually this is my boss here” (pointed to Ron) and she smiles…OH, she says.

“But I need the MC to show my bigger bosses actually” I add.

OK so she happy, I happy. Both happy. I hadnt gone to the clinic thinking I could actually get an MC.

For 3 types of rather rare looking meds and consultation I paid Rm30. Thats good value, innit? You wont get away with less than RM45 to Rm50 per visit in one of those Damansara Utama clinics (one or two on every corner)!

OK, so the long story ended with me NOT utilising my MC and ending up at work today. BECAUSE I LOVE WORK!!!


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