Wedding bands – not the one man band

Weekend blogging is rather rare for me lately due to my hectic weekend schedule, but here I am blogging lamely on a saturday night. Why my lament?

My other half is self-absorbed in his addiction to WOW (I swear this should be cataloged and classified as an official addiction by the World Health Organisation by the way) – I am being very self-entertaining (as I  read out these two sentences to him – not without some vindictive flavour, he replies with a grunt only 10 seconds later)

Thanks Nell and Jeen for my get-well-soon messages! I feel better already. Maybe it was the weekend that brought my health indicator back to normal. So the phlegm still sticks around with unrestrained order, but at least my every half hour spit and spittle seems to alleviate it all. Note to all: I only do this at home in the privacy of my toilet and I suggest everyone does the same.

This weekend Ron heaves a literal sigh of relief because we (or I) have finally settled on choosing our (or rather MY) wedding bands, hence the title above. Well you have to realise that while men can sometimes be a tad bit shortsighted as much as women can be overly over-long sighted, we have to come to an agreement about $$$$ and Value and TOTAL PURE satisfaction that should last if not 1 lifetime, 2 lifetimes!!! And the men SAY?….WHATEVER!

So yes, choosing THE rings that are going on YOUR fingers through thick and thin, sickness and in health til’ death do us part had better be something special and meaningful and may I importantly add – Pleasing to the EYE.

And because we couldnt really come to a fantastic agreement, we ended up with 2 sets of wedding bands. One is the super super traditional plain band, and the other at the opposite end of the continuum – Super Out of this World looking bands. This is what happens when you have split personalities – one of them being me and another being him. But voila, both sets satisfy all the abovementioned conditions and are the ultimate and successful choice in keeping us happy (for a longgggg time – in his words).

And a longggggg time it will be! And the champagne glasses clinks to that!


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