“Meant to live: Take the Beauty, Take the Tears” – Sam

This guy writes so well – his simple words moved me. I’m not sure if he was at Vern’s funeral but here’s an excerpt from his blog which was shown to me by Mum and Dad.



Since I was 12, I’ve been praying for an electric guitar. I didn’t have much money at that time. The great news is that a stuck situation is just a set up for God to show a miracle. I knew that if it was God’s will, He’ll give me a guitar. Eventually, 2 years later, that prayer, an unusual expectation, turned into a miracle.

There was this dude who I’ve never met. He was a friend’s friend. He found out I wanted a guitar and that I had no money for one. So he just gave me one of his old ones. He GAVE, no cost, no nothing. I hardly knew him, nor did he know me. That is the Christ-likeness he showed. It was truly God’s blessing that enabled me to give God glory through one of the only ways I knew I could.

3 years later, about a month ago, I got a message on my hand phone. Lim Yu Vern, a 17 year old that freely gave up a guitar that would have brought him some extra cash or whatever to someone he’s never met, passed away in a motorcycle accident.

I felt horrible after reading that message. I never bothered to get to know him. I never bothered to try and return the favor and kindness he once showed me. I don’t know how he lived, but one thing is for sure. He impacted my life. He changed the world.

We don’t always know our life’s purpose, but God knows it and He has a great plan for you and me. Even though this dude was only 17 and had so many years ahead of him, I know that he didn’t leave in vain. He changed the world by changing one life and, that’s just only me. I’m sure he was an extreme blessing to his other friends. When it’s time to leave, it simply means that you’ve done your job. You have been part of God’s plan and now it’s time for something greater, the real life in the kingdom of God.

3 thoughts on ““Meant to live: Take the Beauty, Take the Tears” – Sam

  1. Ooh, Sam is my church friend. Back in ’06, I asked Vern if he knew anyone who had an old guitar and he decided to give his to Sam. 🙂

    • Thanks Sam for your lovely words and contribution. Now at least some of us will walk through life with our eyes wide open.

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