What does your heart tell you?

Several months ago (or when I cannot remember) I have questioned several times on my blog – what is the purpose of life?

You get born, you go through the teething schooling process, get beaten by your parents for being naughty, take exams, get boyfriends/girlfriends, graduate from university, start your career, get married, work some more, have kids, and gasp! GROW OLD, and then have grandchildren and die.

No one can escape death.

But hardly anyone thinks about it (regular people my age, at least).

I always wondered what is the purpose of life. Having so many things at your disposal and literally at your fingertips, you never really feel content. I always dreamed of having a Chanel 255 but when you get it….you think…What next? Say you get the ultimate Hermes Birkin and WILL STILL think – WHAT NEXT?

I have nothing against material wonders made by hand of the best leathers etc – a joy to have. Except that, life is STILL empty. Your heart still beats with a borish humdrum and you wonder – is this all what life has to offer? Come on, lets not compare our lives with those of Christina Aguilera or for that matter Michael Jackson. Anyway, many mega celebrities die young or with discontent.

And so I asked this question – so so so flippantly.

And you know what?  God has given me the answer.


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