If the abbreviation JPN is new to you, it means Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara or in English, the National Registration Department. This is where you go to register for births, deaths, marriages, divorces and your high tech MyKad.

Just our 2nd visit for the Registration of Marriage process, I was curious to learn that while governmental offices have not changed that much, it was pleasing to learn that there are attempts to. You get to rate the officer attending to you in terms of their services:

Cemerlang (Excellent!)

Sangat Memuaskan (Very Satisfactory)

Memuaskan (Satisfactory)

Tidak Memuaskan (Unsatisfactory)

Or something to that effect. Me being me, I had so far voted twice for Sangat Memuaskan because there was indeed service with a smile and good natured cheerfulness. I guess Cemerlang is still some heights that need to be reached!

After which, the jaunt to PKNS Shah Alam to renew passports revealed that renewal forms are now Free Of Charge. WOW that is ONE WHOLE RINGGIT saved! Ronnie quipped “Wow, this shows the government is rich!” The immigration officer laughed and agreed whole heartedly. Ronnie had to add “So indeed the government is putting my hard earned tax money to use” AND the officer laughed again.


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