Run forest Run!

Does that tagline sound familiar to you?

Apart from being from one of the most famous movies of all time (only for 80’s babies only, mind you), you see this plastered around Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant (cue Nellie).

Now what relevance does this have to my post today. I have (now I admit, most frightfully impulsively so) signed up for the “Run for the Nation” 5km run on October 10, 2009 (all for a good cause now!) (cue Loongus)

So what does Running and Sue-Ann have in common? How about a pair of brand new running shoes bought 4 years ago for my lame attempt at gymming?

This does come to mind (my mind, I mean)

This does come to mind (my mind, I mean). From Google images.

But I am rather excited about the Run, as for the good cause? Here’s alittle more info on the Run. My irritating comments are in green fonts.

Run For The Nation or RunNat is a single morning running event that sees Christians praying as they run throughout selected areas in the city or town where the event is held. The Runners are grouped into teams of three and each Team is required to cover a 5km run of a preselected route passing by homes, schools, commercial areas, government buildings, religious sites and other places of interest.

RunNat 2009 will be a nationwide event involving all 14 state capitals in the country. The Prayer Run will be held simultaneously throughout the country with the guidance and leadership of each state’s RunNat Committee.

Anyone who professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour can take part in RunNat. Previous running experience is not required. However, training for the event is highly recommended for the Prayer Run to be effective. (Climbing 3 stories up to my office every day with my laptop bag should be counted, shouldn’t it?)

The run begins at 5am and ends at 10am in the morning.  This 5-hour run covers a distance of 40km coverage. If a town or city requires more than 40km coverage, then the Teams will be divided into different Area Group with each Area Group covering 40km individually. The last Team will meet at the Hall (preselected finishing point) where all the other Runners who have ran will gather and wait for them.


After all the Teams have completed their run, they will gather at the Hall (which could be a church, school, community hall, etc). Everyone then adjourns into the Hall for a time of corporate prayer. Each participants will receive a certificate of participation followed by a time of fellowship over food upon the ending of the event. Event ends at 12pm.

Prior to the Prayer Run morning, all Runners should know where and when they are supposed to meet up to begin their run. The first Team meets up at 4:30am to 4:45am (Oh. My. Gosh!) and gets ready to begin the Run. They will start off at 5:00am sharp, which signals the start of RunNat.

As the Run progresses, gradually the timeframe set will be off by 30 minutes or more. Thus, it is important for Team Managers to be in touch with one another to gauge the timing of the Meeting Point. It is advisable for the next Team to be ready fifteen minutes earlier at the designated Meeting Point to ensure that there will be no delays. The entire Run should end no later than 10:10am.

There will be three Runners in a team. One of them will be carrying a Prayer Card that serves as a reference with related prayer pointers, another carries the Route Map that marks the paths ahead while the last one holds on to a Mobile Phone. It is important to ensure that your Team Manager is able to contact the mobile during the Run in case of emergencies.

As the Runners run, each of them will take turns to pray (Yu Jeen, take note!) As one prays, the teammates should agree with him/her.

Once the Team has started running, the Team Manager will have to notify the next Team Manager to inform them of their estimated time of arrival. This will usually be about 30minutes after they start. This would give ample time to the next Team to prepare.Upon arrival at the next Meeting Point, the Team will hand over the Prayer Card to the next Team who will then continue with another 5km stretch of the Run. The steps repeat until the last Team reaches the Finishing Line near the Hall.A simple ceremony will be held to present each Runner with a Certificate of Participation (I notice with some relief this isnt a Certificate of COMPLETION) . Refreshments will also be served. The RunNat event is expected to end by noon.

After running, the Teams are allowed to return home to freshen up if time permits. All Teams should meet and gather in the Hall at 10:00am to welcome the last Team. Everyone will then proceed into the Hall at 10:30am where a Corporate Prayer session will take place.

Run, pray, believe.

Run, pray, believe.

So ‘inneresting’ aint it? I must confess my hands were shaking slightly as I impulsively signed up for the run. There were many questions from the other registrants beside me after Church last weekend.

“Do you group people according to age groups?” one middle aged lady asked. “Well, cause you know the 18 year olds would really be quite frustrated running with the 50 year olds”

“What if, half way through, you can’t go on?” I asked (I think this is probably the more relevant question). The guy behind the counter said “Oh, we have emergency vehicles available around. You just have to phone them, and they will come get you”

Basically we have maximum 45 minutes to get to the finishing point, in order to pass the ‘baton’ (in this case prayer card) to the next team. The guys says to me “45 minutes is about roughly the time an average person can cover 5 km comfortably, dont worry”

I remember, once long ago when I was still in my 14 year old girl scouts’ uniform, we had to do a 6km WALK, and that took all morning!

My brother Jeen says he should be able to complete within that time, and 30 minutes is his average clock on a GOOD day. This coming from someone who has done at least two 10km runs. So 5k’s – easy peasy, no sweat!

All those who are interested to join and gather up a sweat storm, please sign up via instructions on

Now I need to go dust off my running shoes (and dig deep into my drawers for my socks) for some practice runs across my back yard. Thats a good start, isnt it?


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