Apa Khabarrrrr? from Jakarta

Signing in from Jakarta Central here at 11.10pm (10.10pm JKT time).

Ronnie called me a jakun (not meant to be politically incorrect but….) my first time anywhere gives me childish wonders. Yes, it took me 28 years and 11 months to see our neighbour.

Landing at the less than impressive Soekarno Hatta International Airport brought me back to the years when our old Subang airport was still operating internationally. High time for a revamp! But still, immigration was quick and easy and we were out in no time.

The drive through 2 – 3 “Gerbang Tol”s were like travelling back in time – everything so far seemed to be like KL was 20 years ago. But once we neared the city, all that old school stuff melted away and now, from the 22nd floor from our hotel in Senayan, the city is indeed rather lovely and lighted up at night. The first impression you get is how wonderously widespread it is, unlike KL, where you see so many tall buildings sandwiched together.

This is kinda what it looks it from our Hotel Room. Pic from http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1229/1295656895_5f983a9236.jpg?v=0

This is kinda what it looks it from our Hotel Room. Pic from http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1229/1295656895_5f983a9236.jpg?v=0

The idiot that is me forgot the bring my camera (but nicely packed my camera transfer cable), so I’m stuck with my ancient 1.3mp phone camera (What?! I liked the size and look of the phone!).

Mum called me before I departed Malaysia to say “If you have to go to Jakarta right now, don’t stay in the high floors of the hotel”

Almost everyone knows about the 7.2 Richter scale earthquake that hit Java yesterday (approximately 84 kms from west Jakarta, I was told by the taxi driver).

A little note was slipped under my hotel room door just 20 minutes ago. I’ll summarise.

“Dear Guest,

Please be advised that immediately following the earthquake which occurred at 14.55 yesterday afternoon and in accordance to our standard procedures, the engineering team at Hotel Mulia Senayan – Jakarta carried out a thorough check of the building structure…..(etc)

Jakarta, as you may be aware, is located in a medium risk seismic zone, meaning to prone to earthquakes but it does experience minor earthquakes on a regular basis and moderate earthquakes every few years….etc.

In view of the fact that many people evacuated the building yesterday in reaction to the tremors, we thought it prudent to circulate the guidelines recommended by various authorities (etc)

1. Do not panic, remain calm

2. Move immediately toward the center of the building, away from exterior window glass and away from any glass partitions.

3. If the tremors are obvious take cover under a sturdy desk, table or other piece of furniture that is unlikely to tip over. Hold on to it and be prepare to move with it if the tremors are severe.

4. Avoid dangerous areas near free standing filing cabinets or bookcases….do not seek cover in a doorway.

5. Do not attempt to evacuate a building during an earthquake.

6. Stay calm and encourage others to do likewise.

Wow, as a Malaysian who comfortably does not suffer from earthquake threats, this is rather new to me. It is very sad as we can imagine the grief and horror when these earthquakes hit, killing many (57 was the reported deaths), with many unaccounted people.

Lets pray for these people of Java tonight.


One thought on “Apa Khabarrrrr? from Jakarta

  1. Jakarta is a great city!!! And you must go to the malls. Senayan City is nice but wait till you see Grand Indonesia Plaza!

    The restaurants and bars are just fabulous. Get to Dragon Fly. Great restaurant and transforms to a sexy bar later in the night. Gorgeous people come decked up for the night. Enjoy!

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