EcSTatic! About my new toy

I am now officially one of THOSE. The seemingly techie executive – walking around with the spanking new Blackberry (“BB”) Tour.

So sleek, so beautiful, so precious

So sleek, so beautiful, so precious*

Thanks to Mr Jimmy Lai and his wonderful walking-advertising campaign, I have gone out and half impulsively gotten the BB yesterday – from the Section 14 Digital Mall cos our Maxis agent actually RAN OUT of these little monsters.

I was harassing our Maxis phone distributor for a Blackberry Bold (RRP RM2,099 without line) the whole of last week. After being told that the BOLD was now out of stock, my enthusiasm for the thing (impulsive or not) sank fast. After all, saving RM2,099 was for a good cause.

Then yesterday after church, we HAD to go to Digital Mall to get some stuff (ref Jeen) so I HAD to buy something, even if it meant blowing that RM2,099 on the spot with the BB. I  went up to one of the mobile phone stalls and asked (in a small voice) Do you have the Blackberry Bold?

And he says “yes” – and it was as if the angels around me sang “Hallelujah!”

I grimaced internally and said I would be back. This meant I would have now really part with my Rm2,099.

Anyways, to delay the painful deal I went upstairs with Jeen and poor Ee-Ling who God had put there with me for ‘moral support’ I’m sure. So after the rounds upstairs I went back down to a different mobile phone counter to compare pricing (not sure why I did that – I’m pretty sure they are all owned by the same dude anyways)

So this guy A brought out several BB’s. One of which he hotly promoted was the BB Tour (he insisted you pronounce it as “TORE” and not “TO-UR”) even after the three of us took turns to correct him. Of course he would – the innocent looking thing was Rm500 more than the BOLD. (And everyone take turns to GASP!) Immediately, prying hands and fingers grabbed at these two phones, demanding to know the difference when evidently both phones looked about the same.

The BOLD was slightly bigger, wider and fatter, and a fair bit heavier. Also, the BOLD is Wifi enabled, while the TOUR does not have Wifi features (what? your eyebrows start knitting about here)

The little pamphlet he waved around did little to satisfy our queries. The TOUR is new, and just came into the market about 2 -3 months ago. I now hesitate to go online for TOUR reviews in case I made a big Rm2,600 mistake. Anyway, so far, after 1 phone call and scrolling about the phone for 1 hour, I decree that I LIKE IT. In fact, I LOVE IT!

(Note: I also started out “loving” my DELL Studio XPS 14 inch notebook on its first day, but now I don’t and now after a month, declared that I will never buy another DELL notebook, so lets see if this BB lovin’ lasts.)

Ronnie eyes my new BB with more than alittle jealousy (Jeen too.Ee-Ling – probably no effect – hehehe)

So today we are making that trip back to Digital Mall for another BB TOUR for my boss Ronnie Lim. Not before I go online to check on BB Tour reviews with my trembling fingers.

Enjoy our Pub Hol Selangor-ites. For the KL-ites, slave rock on!



4 thoughts on “EcSTatic! About my new toy

  1. Hey!! congrats on the BB. I have been thinking about getting. How is the ‘tore’ ? No wi-fi huh? Wouldn’t that be important?

    Let me know if you like it. I am thinking of the bold.

  2. Thanks! Lovin’ it (so far). No wi-fi but i think i will be OK without it. Ive got an unlimited data package from maxis. you have to pay Rm120 per mth for that though. Bold is larger and older processor….thats all.

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