Vernie vern vern

I am fairly amazed that there are people out there still googling ‘Lim Yu Vern’ and finding there way to my blog. I have been slightly depressed over the past few days about Vern and the cause and effect is that I frequently find him in my dreams. Often times, he is still a young boy in my dreams – sometimes 3 years old, sometimes 7 years old. Always in my dreams, he is wearing either a white shirt, or white t-shirt.

I have been trying to be as close to God as possible in the past 3 months since returning to church, and as days pass, as I inch by inch find myself hearing more of God, I can safely say with much conviction that Vernie is in heaven and having a great time there. The torture of not being able to speak and touch him would have driven us to the peak of insanity without knowing and above all, having hope that God is real, God is there.

Sometimes when I think of Vern, I analyse his traits.

He was, as some have said, “Not an Angel”. He was just a kid like any other kid, except that he rarely had an ego – although he was rather vain. He never had any airs and never did anyone any harm. He was sometimes rebellious, just like (maybe alittle worse) than I was at that age. He never demanded for much and he did the best with what he had. He was charitable and as I gather from what I’ve read, Friendly. He was also a funny little creature and unique would be a good way of saying it…

But above all, we know he was still pure at heart and spirit. He probably didnt have a bad bone in his body.

He is sorely missed and will be sorely missed for our entire lives. Until we meet again, Vern.


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