Sweat countdown

4 legs are better than 2?


I have approximately 30 more days to start training for the 5km Run for the Nation.

I guess the on and off email updates from RunNat serve as a reminder – time is (literally) RUNNING out! My calves are protesting at the thought, but its nourishing to know that more and more people around Malaysia (incldg East Malaysia) are participating and gearing up for this run on October 10th.

This morning I woke at 7.20am and looked outside. A man wearing a white sleeveless jersey and white bermudas jogged past our window. 30 seconds later, he was followed by a little dog (size of a mini Pinscher) wearing a pink coloured jersey. Hmmmmm……a sign?

I make my nervous calculations. There is 30 days left, within which there are 4 weekends. And the last time I ran was likely the yearly high school 7 1/2 rounds of our school field (a total of 1.5kms) – Thanks Lee San for reminding me of our yearly endurance torture.

So….5kms is more than 25 rounds of our school field. I never really looked at the math, but that seems an awfully long distance to be running within 30 minutes.

I woke up today with half a mind to put on the running shoes, going outside and running. That was just in mind – but the body went back to sleep. I guess those who know me know that sport and any sort of athleticism doesn’t stay put (or ever appear) in my hectic schedule. Mental note: Things do to before I hit 30.

Lets try for tomorrow, shall we?

Post update at 9.06am: I just walked the length of my room 20 laps. Its too late to go outside for a brisk walk (lets not actually jog yet)


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