Of Invites and Feng Shui

Jimmy Ong, thanks for the nice commentary on running around Pavillion (would be a feast for the eyes, too) – That should keep my motivation alive!

Its Thursday morning today (no men in forehead sweat bands followed by dog dressed in pink running outside my window) but the chirping of the birds are non-stop!

Ron and I head to a printers today to preview and (hopefully) select wedding card invites. For those unmarried, you dont know what hassle it is! This colour is not right, that colour is ‘pantang’, cannot say this, cannot say that, must be in auspicious colours, the design cannot be in a manner that suggest the couples’ lack of show of unitedness and the list goes on.

Did you also know that the wedding invitation cards are a lucrative industry? Cards go up to RM25 per card! I am not suggesting that our card will even be at all close to that, but imagine how much a 500 pax dinner will cost at even RM10 per card! Not to mention the ecological cost of cutting down a small treeĀ  for Harry and Samantha’s wedding invitation cards. Maybe future generations will only send e-invitations without the risk of going against Asian society’s traditional virtues.

Yesterday’s newspaper dated 09 09 09 had a full page of newly married couples – not sure if this is for the registration or actual reception. I guess 30 years later when you take out your well preserved Marriage Certificate (hopefully as well-preserved as your marriage itself) you can go “Ah, I remember now. I registered to marry my darling on 09 09 09!” Then recall with a pang of regret that you missed the 08 08 08 mark!

Ours will be a date close to our hearts – as close as the Feng Shui Master would allow, that is.

No malaysian chinese is spared and from a Christian perspective, it does not matter (except to preserve certain relationships within the family). But ironically, that does give some degree of psychological comfort doesn’t it?

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